Old Results

Old Results

On the pages presented below, you can revel in some old results and podiums.

Blues League

One of the absolutely most popular and successful events ever in VSK history. Started off as a crazy idea from Blue Sweden who together with Goffe launched 'Summer Blues' in the summer of 2011. The rest is history. The event ran for almost two and a half years till December 2013.

It was closed down due to some skippers' poor judgement and  bad behaviour. Yes, they were few, but the problems and the bad atmosphere they created was enough!

SM - KM - JM

Några nationella mästerskap som av någon outgrundlig anledning inte körs längre.

Trophy Race

A very prestigious international tournament primarily launched and marketed by YoKKo.

Saturday Blues

Yet another successful international event run by VSK Sweden Race and of course Blue Sweden.

Other Events

Some bits and pieces of various kinds.

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