One Night Stands

One Night Stands


Petter's (ex. YoKKo) Corner

The common denominator for 'One Night Stands' is that they are small competitions that start and end the same night. The concept is all about having a good time and a fun evening together with friends.

Cats & Mice

Cats & Mice is a competition where skippers race in four short races to collect points for a final ranking. The fastest skippers in each race will receive points and become 'Cats'. The next race they will have to start a specific number of seconds after the others.

Double Trouble

Double Trouble is raced in pairs. Both boats participate in the races, but only the score of the best skipper will count.

Even Steven

The challenge in Even Steven is to keep consistent decent scores, without necessarily being at the very top, to be even.

Shoot Out

Shoot Out is an elimination regatta where a specific number of boats will be eliminated after each race, ending with a final race with five skippers.

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