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1. Noel (20p)

2. SachA (18p)

3. YoKKo (15p)

4. Samuel (15p)

5. Black Pete (13p)


1. Spirillen (19p)

2. Peter G (18p)

3. YoKKo (18p)

4. BatBoat (17p)

5. Winslow (16p)


1. YoKKo (20p)

2. Ryh00 (17p)

3. Spirillen (16p)

4. Kong (14p)

5. Djonny (13p)

Even Steven

Sailing Instructions

Even Steven is a small competition that will begin and end the same night. The concept is all about having a good time and a fun evening together with friends.

Even Steven is a fleet race competition consisting of four races. The challenge is to get consistent decent scores without necessarily having to be at the very top.

The competition rules are complete (auto) NPC except 17.1 and 16.1. These penalties MUST be cancelled.

The first four skippers will get 5 points, the next four 4 points and so on. The skipper with the highest score after the last race is the winner! If two skippers have the same score, the last race will separate them. The top five results will be presented on this page after the races, as well as the winner in 'Hall of Fame'.


The maps for the evening will be announced on the right hand side of this page at least one hour before start. The courses will be chosen from any of our Map Packs, which you can download from our Map Packs page.


The registration will be open until 20:30 CET/CEST the race night. The first race will start at 21:00 CET/CEST. No boats will be able to join after the first start.

Skippers on a waiting list may be let into the regatta if registered skippers do not show up in due time for first start. The maximum number of participants is 25.

Two spots are reserved for VSR members until the end of the registration period.

We estimate that the last race will end well before midnight.

Everyone is welcome to register!

Register by sending your boat name to admin@swedenrace.se

A registration confirmation with server name and password will follow and your name will be added to the list on the right of this page.

Four even outcomes

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Hall of Fame

Noel 13-08-27 (20p)

Spirillen 13-02-02 (19p)

YoKKo 12-12-08 20p)